zSpine: The treatment of Back and Neck Pain

Four out of five Americans will have an attack of back pain during their lifetime. Many people are doomed to endless visits to the back doctor. That's because once you have your first back pain attack, you are four times more likely to have a recurrence. If you have back or neck pain, we are now in a position to help.

Pain relief through a focus on function: Pain is a signal from the body to the brain that something is wrong. Either the back is too weak, too inflexible, something lifted was too heavy or the wrong body mechanics were used. Unfortunately, those doctors who focus exclusively on pain symptoms often recommend a course of treatment that is the exact opposite of what the individual needs to recover from the back problem.

Years ago, for example, doctors treated back pain with bed rest and heavy drugs to mask the discomfort. It was found, however, that this type of treatment was actually damaging to the back, because it caused muscles in the back to get weaker, in turn, causing more strain and pain. Patients became more dependent on drugs and grew more inactive and disabled. In fact, pain relief can actually come through movement.

The key to successful treatment of back or neck pain is to determine the cause of the symptoms, if that is soft tissue back or neck strain, or if there is herniated disc, bone spur or vertebral fracture. Successful diagnosis and treatment can include a TEAM APPROACH with several specialists in back and neck pain.

The spine team at Kindred Specialty Care can include:

  • physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists who use X-rays and MRI scans to diagnose the cause of back or neck pain symptoms;
  • spine therapists who strengthen the back or neck to make it stronger, more flexible and more resistant to future strain;
  • anesthesiologists who specialize in interventional and invasive spinal injections and procedures designed to relieve pain symptoms long enough for the patient to return to activity with a therapist;
  • orthopedic spine surgeons and neurospine surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery that reduces the length of the incision; reduces time in the hospital; lessens blood loss and eliminates the need for outside blood; speeds the return to activity with a less painful rehabilitation after surgery.
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